10 02 2017

Horses are being stolen from farmers, tradesmen, merchants, and public servants throughout the county. Sheriff Llewellyn Elias Leall is on the case. The thing is, this is Tuscumbia County, Wisconsin … in the increasingly civilized Midwest, not the Wild West.

Well, worse things happened in recent years not all that far away in Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri at the hands of Frank and Jesse James. Perhaps a new gang, perhaps inspired by the thrilling exploits of the James brothers, is at work and taking advantage of a populace less on guard. After all, the last fight of any magnitude in the state was the Black Hawk War that occurred half a century earlier.

More suspects come under scrutiny, ranging from local pranksters to homeless Indians. One person wonders if it’s a mythical panther.

So, who done it?

I have been inspired to write a story that combines aspects of a classic western with those of a classic mystery to create a social study for the 21st century. In times past, in what came to be called serialization, novels would be broken and published a chapter at a time in weekly or monthly magazines. Sometimes, an author would be published as (s)he wrote, and the completed story would then be published as a book. I would like to try doing that, releasing what may be called a beta version of the novel a blog at a time. Each chapter will be quite short in accordance with contemporary preference, averaging about 1600 words and requiring about 6 minutes of reading time. Comments from those reading to friends, family members, neighbors, and associates, as well as to me, will help determine whether this project is worthwhile.

“And now,” to quote the late Frazier Thomas of Chicago’s WGN television, “if you are quite ready, let us begin.”






One response

12 02 2017
Cindi Umstadt

I began reading… looking forward to blog 2. Thanks!

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