22 08 2016

Conversation cover 1


An ancient prophet once wrote that, in a society where there is no revelation, no illumination, no vision, people of that society “cast off restraint.”

Another prophet, speaking of his own society at a time when they had no king, said that “each one did that which was right in his own eyes.”

Yet another prophet wrote a critique of the citizens of another civilization, describing them as a people who did not know their right hands from their left.

Fast-forward to a post-modern society of the near future.

  • To be left means being right; to be right means being wrong.
  • To believe is to assert fiction is as valid as fact; to unbelieve is to accept a truth that sets one free.
  • To be free means being lawless; to be lawful means keeping law and order under arrest.
  • To be one person’s scofflaw is to be another person’s champion; to be one person’s hero is to be another person’s outlaw.
  • To police means to put on a show; to act is to over-police and oppress.

Now consider a man-on-the-street interview within this society. An aspiring female journalist assigns herself to a stranger she meets outside a street mission in a city located in the Midwestern United States. She has been instructed by a university professor to broaden her experience, to go to new places and meet new people. This man captures her attention because, at least in her sight, he seems to be a Native American. Sensing a story, she insists on shadowing him for the day.

The man is himself shadowing someone, a young woman who has been on the run for the past year, not just from her family and school, but also from the police, and even from human civilization. As the pursuit proceeds, the man increasingly becomes as much a mystery as the runaway woman. The journalist cannot help but seek answers to such questions as, “Just who is this guy, really? A police officer? A private detective? An estranged lover? A bounty hunter? An assassin? An avatar? What is this woman? Why does he care?”

Others are after the runaway, too: the police and a band of modern-day renegade Indians. Eventually, everyone collides inside an art gallery where they decisively engage in a struggle between death and life. It becomes the choice of the one everyone seeks to turn and fulfill their quests.

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