Morning Glories

9 09 2014


They bloom up the fresh, green trellis
In airy, vigorous ease,
And their fragrant, sensuous honey
Is best beloved of the bees.

Oh! the rose knows the dainty secret
How the morning-glory blows,
For the rose told me the secret,
And the jessamine told the rose.

And the jessamine said at midnight,
Ere the red cock woke and crew,
That the fays of queen Titania
Came there to bathe in the dew.

And the merry moonlight glistened
On wet, long, yellow hair,
And their feet on the flowers drowsy
Trod softer than any air.

And their petticoats, gay as bubbles,
They hung up every one
On the morning-glories’ tendrils
Till their moonlight bath were done.

But the red cock crew too early,
And the fays left hurriedly,
And this is why in the morning
Their petticoats there you see.

Madison Julius Cawein

morning glories




2 responses

9 09 2014
Pooja Alok

Delicately picked words.. Very nice

9 09 2014
D. Raymond-Wryhte

Thank you. I’ve long favored morning glories … the traditional ones with the sky blue coloration as accented by white and yellow and set against the bright green of the vines. I also favor pansies that have the same color combination, which these days is not popular among hybrids available.

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