Farming: An Act of Love

8 09 2014

“How do you take the first step to
become a farmer? You act out of

This quote appeared at the
end of an article by Shannon Hayes,
and it struck me as absolute truth.
So much of what we do in farming is
an act of love. Bringing milk to the
pigs, cultivating the carrots,
delivering food to our members,
feeding and watering chickens,
cutting hay, harvesting flowers, and
working the soil are all motions that
we go through because we love: we
love the earth, we love real food, we
love working outside, we love
putting food on people’s tables, we
love animals, and we love the fact
many of our decisions are informed
by our values.

Farming keeps us
rooted in the present while
constantly asking us to look back at
what we learned last year. Then,
we are asked to look forward so that
we can prepare for the season to
come. This continual need to view
things from all sides, from past
through future, keeps us focused on
what’s important in the present. In
farming, we need to reflect, to be
humble, to keep learning new things
every single day, to roll with the
punches and to be creative in our
solutions. One would not be up for
this work if LOVE was not at the
root of it! Maybe that’s why I feel
so much. A lovely sky can stop me
in my tracks, overwhelming me
with beauty. It is a gift that makes
me feel love. Therein lies the first
step to becoming a farmer.

Danielle Boerson


From a photograph, courtesy of the United States National Park Service.




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