The Church Song

13 07 2014

Come on now, choir, quit your singing;

And preacher, just stop your preaching!

I’ve got places to get.


Well, I admit,

I simply cannot stand it,

can’t stand it no more.


And why does the prayer never end?

Are they punishing me for my sin?


And is it just me,

or does it seem they’re from a foreign country?


Besides, there ain’t no way their joy is real.

Those plastic happy faces just conceal,

‘cause if they’re anything like me,

they are hiding reality.


No doubt they are hypocrites, too;

Judgmental hateful folks, I am sure.

It must be a show;

if I probe they’re a wreck, I just know.


That’s what I once thought.

Yet in spite of it all,

I heard you, Lord, speaking to me,

when I finally gave in

and repented of my sin.

Wow! Did I taste and see!

‘Cause to my surprise,

the Lord opened my eyes

to far more than I imagined.


Then I joined the choir,

and learned to like prayer,

and I’ve even preached a few sermons.


But I speak their own language when I speak,
And I try not to put them to sleep.


But I preach the Word,

and they’re raised to life by the good Lord.

They’re not perfect, all those church folks;

sometimes, not even close.

But I’ve found no closer friends

who will love and will give to the end,

and despite all the blemishes,

I believe that the Church is

God’s main way to reach His world.


So by grace I’ll spend my life

loving His Bride and

washing Her with His Word,

washing her feet as I serve.



Casey Getz


(Copyright 2012; used by permission.)





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