God’s Gentleness

2 06 2014

Wings of the Dawn

flowers, swollowtail, may 001I got up early and headed for the woods. I asked the Lord to help me make my thoughts obedient to Christ. I just wanted to hear Him, not my own words in my head. Looking down at my feet, I thanked Him for being the Light to my feet and for shining His Truth on my path, each step at a time. My heart longed for His voice to me. I quietly walked, just looking down.

Then, there it lay. A beautiful Tiger Swallowtail, spread out right before my feet. It was too cold to move and lay still on the path.

I picked it up and intently studied this beautiful creature. An awareness of the gentleness of the Creator flooded my heart. His intimate knowing of our circumstances, His attention to details, and His creativity were all so evident to me here, holding this delicate butterfly.

I carried…

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