28 03 2014



An aspiring female journalist assigns herself to a stranger she meets outside a street mission in a city located in the Midwestern United States. She has been instructed by a university professor to broaden her experience, to go to new places and meet new people. This man captures her attention because, at least in her sight, he seems to be an American Indian. She insists on shadowing him for a day.

The man is himself trailing someone, a young woman who has been on the run for the past year, not just from her family and school, but also from the police, and even from human civilization. As the pursuit proceeds, the man increasingly becomes as much a mystery as the runaway woman. The journalist cannot help but seek answers to such questions as, “Just who is this guy, really? A police officer? A private detective? An estranged lover? A bounty hunter? An assassin? An avatar? Who or what is this woman to him?”

Others are after the runaway woman, too: they include a band of modern-day renegade Indians. Eventually, everyone collides inside an art gallery where they become decisively engaged in a struggle between death and life. It becomes the choice of the woman everyone seeks to turn and fulfill their quests.

Conversation: Walking the Talk by D. Raymond-Wryhte is now available at Amazon as an electronic book.





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