Their Anthem Raise

23 02 2014
O sing a new song to the Lord,
Sing all the earth and bless His Name;
From day to day His praise record,
The Lord’s redeeming grace proclaim.
Tell all the world His wondrous ways,
Tell heathen nations far and near;
Great is the Lord, and great His praise,
And Him alone let nations fear.
The heathen gods are idols vain;
The shining heavens the Lord supports;
Both light and honor lead His train,
While strength and beauty fill His courts.
Let every tongue and every tribe
Give to the Lord due praise and sing;
All glory unto Him ascribe,
Come, throng His courts, and offerings bring.
O fear and bow, adorned with grace,
And tell each land that God is King;
The earth He founded in its place,
And justice to the world will bring.
Let heaven be glad, let earth rejoice,
The teeming sea resound with praise;
Let waving fields lift high their voice,
And all the trees their anthem raise.
Birches in Yellow and White
So let them shout before our God,
For, lo, He comes, He comes with might,
To wield the scepter and the rod,
To judge the world with truth and right.
Psalm 96 (as rendered by the 1912 Psalter of the Presbyterian & Reformed Churches of America)



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