Follow Me!

13 02 2014

 “Follow Me.” 

There is a power in this unique gospel, unique person and unique gift that changes lives and in time can turn the world upside down. There is something about Jesus that transcends religious and political barriers. Samaritans who were regarded as heretics and Romans who were thought of as barbarians found themselves around Jesus saying, “I want to follow that man!” Isn’t this the need today for our country and world? 

One of the leaders (attending the 2014 United States National Prayer Breakfast) told me a personal haunting story as to our world’s predicament. He was in a South American country and the Ranking National Religious Leaders infighting was front page news. This leader was begged to meet with the Religious Leaders. When he arrived there were five older Religious Leaders present and 25 younger emerging leaders. He started by asking,“Do you have any questions for me?” One of the younger men asked, “Why don’t young people go to church anymore?” He said, “You will probably throw me out of here. They don’t like you and after three days in your country neither do I.” He told them that a new commandment had been given to love one another, that all men will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another, that oneness will demonstrate to the world that God sent the Son. He said that young people are sick of political and religious infighting and though they don’t understand it all theologically…young people are attracted to unconditional love and people who die to themselves. He talked about Jesus and His words, “Follow me.” The older leaders weren’t moved but the younger leaders said, “This is the most exciting thing we have ever heard. We have never heard it before. Where can we get this material?” The answer my friend spoke,“Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

Michael Sprague of Grace Adventures




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