Garbage, Gifts, and Grace

23 12 2013

When I came home, I noticed the garbage was still at the curb. Normally the collectors make their rounds much earlier in the morning. I had just bought a box of chocolates to pass on to our faithful garbage person next week. But seeing an opportunity to get that done early, I wrapped the candy quickly, wrote a card, and placed the gift in shallow, sturdy cardboard box and stuck the gift on top of the garbage.

Within a few minutes, I saw him pull up into the neighborhood. I took my place by the window to wait and see his surprised face.

However, all I saw was a man in a hurry, who grabbed my garbage can, whipped it around, and dumped the whole thing in the front of his truck. My heart sank. I ran toward the door and started to wave. I made it to His truck just in time to see the load getting chucked into the big bin in the back.

I could tell he was annoyed, since I was holding up his already late run. All I said was, “I had a Christmas gift for you in there… I’ll have another one next week. Just look for it!” He smiled slightly confused and nodded.

It occurred to me that it takes a lot of skillful communication to make someone see gifts, when all they are used to seeing is garbage.

“Lord, help me to do my best to remove distractions and hurt
before I leave gifts.
Help me to show others how much I love them –
and in that point to Your love for them.
Show me how to love like You do.
Teach me humility and give me a servant’s heart.”

Heidi Viars (reprinted by permission)




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