A Sojourner’s Tale

26 11 2013

No Shadow of Turning


Imagine awakening one morning to find yourself in your bedroom, in your house, on your property, yet surrounded by some vast, untouched wilderness.  You look out a window to see a landscape that is familiar in flora and contour, yet obviously unaffected by human culture.  Outside, there is not one thing to be seen that is artificial.  All is natural, and impressing you with force.  Inside, there is no running water, no electricity, no communication via telephone or radio or television or computer.  Inside and out, you find yourself alone.  What would you do?

This novel begins with that scenario, and the reader is from then onward invited to participate – as if the reader were engaged in a personal dream event – with the anonymous main character in the ensuing struggle for survival, which is both physical and metaphysical.  Not only must the person discover how to obtain such necessities as food and water, the person must also seek to answer such basic questions of being as are contained in Paul Gauguin’s classic “What?  Whence?  Whither?”

The novel is available as an electronic book from Amazon. Search by author’s name: D. Raymond-Wryhte.

Here are some reviews regarding earlier editions of No Shadow of Turning from people outside Amazon who have published electronic stories, newsletters, and magazines. Also included are reviews from readers and writers at FanStory.

“While the book starts out like a Twilight Zone episode, it quickly adds fantasy and magic to the mix.  The book… contains some poetry, which is quite well written.  There is also a noticeable religious theme through the novel.  It is not overpowering; in fact, it’s rather subtle…. The book, overall, is well written… in places, it’s riveting….  I was totally engrossed with the story….  Let me say this is an enjoyable read, with many layers of story for you to sort out and study.”

“I liked it very much; couldn’t put it down.  It is well-written, and I found it quite interesting as a nature tale and a spirit story.”

“I did find what I read highly interesting and surely believe that there is a market for such a highly imaginative vision as in your story.”

“Wow to a beginning of an enthralling novel.  I felt as if I was in the twilight zone. Excellent descriptive phrases created stark images and evoked the feeling of the puzzling nature of the narrator. Very well done… so glad to run across you.”

“Wow, what a great start. Were this the beginning of a novel, I would purchase it without hesitation. Your style is gripping and fluent. I truly enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading more.”

“This is quite fascinating. It’s an odd situation–one that would give anyone the willies. Your writing style is a pleasure to read. I’m looking forward to more!”

“Can’t wait to read more. Quite graphic tale with lots of action, suspense, anxiety, terror. All the elements are here for an amazing tale. I will stay tuned.”

“Your writing is clear-cut, easy to follow, with no difficult or wordy sentences. A smooth, easy read. This chapter has some brilliant narrative. Sometimes the pieces of writing with less dialogue can be better and in this case it is. Well done! I found your story to be both well written and enjoyable. Aside from the dialog, which sounded quite realistic, there were many very realistic descriptive scenes which enabled me to completely visualize the events transpiring.”

“You have a very poetic style to your writing and, although you use shorter sentences, they flow from one sentence to the next naturally. I also thought that you added great descriptive detail into the scenery…”






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