A Cousin’s Bequest

18 04 2013

God has entrusted you with the gift of life.

You thank Him by way of what you do with that life: how you develop your providential talents into knowledge, skills, and abilities, and how you employ them all.

Some of us are so talented in one way; some of us are so talented in another. Always remember, however, that everyone has talent, and no one at the outset of life is intrinsically better than anyone else — only different.

We are born with differing looks, and you had no choice in yours. What you do with the looks you have been given, from maintenance to enhancement or despoliation: that is your choice. Always remember that all the fashion designers, hair dressers, and makeup artists in the land cannot make you beautiful if you have no beauty inside.

How you accept yourself is critical to your lifelong happiness. Whatever you make of yourself, be the best you can be.  The quality, the craftsmanship, the excellence of your work, whatever it is: that is your choice.

Education, or the lack thereof: that is your choice.  Always try to learn something new.

Those you love: that is your choice. Although there are times when you give love to one and get love back from another, you comprehend love only when you give it.

Notice how long they live who are in love with the arts.

Attain a good nature.  Be glad.  Try to help the world become a better place for you and yours, and thereby for others.


Jacqueline Tuttle Doss




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