Peace Shall Still Endure

6 04 2013


O Yahweh, by Thy Grace

my mountain standeth strong,

but simply hide Thy face,

and troubles round me throng.

To Thee, O Lord, I raise my cries;

to God my supplications rise.

What shall my blood avail

if to the grave I go?

Shall dust Thy praises tell,

Thy Truth to others show?

Hear me, O Lord, and mercy send;

my God, to me Thy help extend.

Thou hast my soul restored

when I was nigh the grave;

and from the pit, O Lord,

alive Thou didst me save.

O ye His saints, sing to the Lord,

with thanks His Holiness record.

His anger soon is past,

life in His favor lies.

Weeping a night may last,

at morn shall joy arise.

In my prosperity secure,

I said my peace shall still endure.

Lord, I will praise Thy Name,

for Thou hast set me free,

nor suffered foes to claim

a triumph over me.

O Lord, my God, to Thee I cried,

and Thou hast health and strength supplied.

My mourning now is past,

and songs my lips employ;

my sackcloth from me cast,

and I am girt with joy.

So shall my tongue in life adore

and praise my God for evermore.

Psalm 30

(Of David.  Arranged by D. Raymond-Wryhte.)




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