For Thine and Mine

28 03 2013

Normally, Christians pray in and with the Holy Spirit to our heavenly Father in the power and authority of Christ Jesus. Here, in the Kidron Valley between Mount Zion and Mount Olivet, Jesus prays to the Father for Christians.



The hour has come

to bring Thy Son

to glory

so that Thy Son

may glorify Thee.

Thou hast given Thy Son

power over everyone

that He should give life


to the many

who by You to Him have come.

This is life in eternity:

that they may know Thee,

God only,

God truly,

and Christ Jesus sent from Thee.

In this world

I have glorified Thee;

I have accomplished the work

Thou hast given to Me.


Now glorify Thou Me

with the resplendence

Thine own that,

before this world,

was known amid Thee and Me.

Thy Name have I manifested

among those Thou gavest Me.

Thine they are;

Mine they are,

and they now keep Thy testimony.

Truly they know:

all Thou hast given Me;

everything is of Thee.

I have given unto them the words

Thou hast given unto Me.

They have received our testimony,

and surely they know

I have come from Thee.

In verity they believe

Thou didst send Me.

I pray for them, not

for the world,

but for every one of them

of Thine given by Thee

unto Me.

All Mine are Thine;

All Thine are Mine.

In them I am glorified.

In the world

I am now no more.

In the world

these must now step to the fore.

Father Holy!

I come to Thee:

keep through Thine own Name holy

those whom Thou hast given Me,

that in unity

they may be one as are We.

In the world,

while I was with them,

in Thy Name holy

I kept them,

I kept all them Thou gavest Me.

Only one is lost,

the son of perdition, of enmity,

fulfilling the Scripture’s prophecy.

I come to Thee:

these things I speak

that they might have fully

the holy glee that is within Me

in themselves

in the world.

I have given them Thy word holy.

And the world,

it hath hated them.

From the world

take them not,

but keep them from the evil within.

Of the world

they are not,

even as I am not.

In the world

Thou hast sent Me;

even so I send them.

Verily, Thy word is verity.

Through Thy truth give them sanctity.

For their sakes I sanctify Myself,

that they may surely be made holy.

And I pray not for these alone,

but also for them that,

through their word, shall believe on Me.

May they all be one,

as Thou art in Me,

and I am in Thee.

In us may their diversity have unity,

so the world

may believe Thou hast sent Me.

And the glory

which Thou gavest Me

have I given them,

that they may be,

even as we,


I in them,

and Thou in Me,

in one made perfectly,

that the world

may know, as Thou hast loved Me,

Thou hast sent Me

in charity.


I will that they

whom Thou hast given Me

be with Me.

May it be

that they behold My glory

which Thou hast given Me.

Before the world,

it’s very foundation,

Thou didst love Me.

Father Righteous!

this Thy world

hath not known Thee.

I have known Thee,

and these, they know Thou hast sent Me.

I have declared,

and will declare,

Thy Name holy unto them,

so the amity

Thou hast given Me

may be

in them,

and I

in them.

 John 17

(Rendered  from the King James Version by D. Raymond-Wryhte.)



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