24 03 2013

Like children in the market-place

Who weary of their play,

We turn from folly’s idle race

And come to Thee today.

O Jesus, teller of the tale

That never will grow old,

Thy words of living truth prevail

Our listening hearts to hold.

Tell us of Father-love that speaks

Peace to the wandering child;

Of valiant Shepherd-love that seeks

The lost sheep in the wild;

Of deep Redeemer-love that knows

What sins we need forgiven,

And on the Magdalen bestows

The purest joy of Heaven.

Tell us of faith that’s like a sword,

And hope that’s like a star;

How great the patient soul’s reward,

How blest the loyal are.

Tell us of courage like a wall

No storm can batter down;

Tell us of men who venture all

For Thee, and win a crown.

Tell us that life is not a game,

But real and brave and true;

A journey with a glorious aim,

A quest to carry through.

Tell us that though our wills are weak

And though we children be,

The everlasting good we seek

We can attain through Thee.

Henry van Dyke




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