Upon My High Places

3 03 2013

To gracious men Thou gracious art,

And pure to such as purely live,

Upright to men of upright heart,

But with the froward Thou wilt strive.


For Thou the troubled soul wilt save,

High looks wilt humble in Thy might.

A lamp to me Jehovah gave,

And turned my darkness into light.


The way of God perfection shows,

Jehovah’s holy Word is tried;

He is a buckler unto those

Who in His mighty power confide.





For who as God should be adored?

Who but our God can us befriend?

Who is the rock besides the Lord?

Who else is able to defend?


My loins with strength the Almighty binds,

My way makes perfect by His hand;

My feet He makes as swift as hinds,

On my high places makes me stand.


Psalm 18: 25-28, 30-33




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