In This Barren Place

25 01 2013

rocks 2


Thou art my God, O God Most High,

And early seek Thy Face will I;

My soul doth thirst for Thee.

My spirit craves to taste Thy Grace,

My flesh yearns in this barren place

in which no waters be.

I long as in the times of old

Thy Power and Glory to behold

within Thy Holy Place;

Because to me Thy wondrous Love

Than life itself doth dearer prove,

My lips shall praise Thy Grace.

Thus will I bless Thee while I live,

And with uplifted hands will give

praise to Thy Holy Name.

As when with fatness well supplied,

So shall my soul be satisfied,

My mouth shall praise proclaim:

My lips shall in Thy praise delight

When on my bed I rest at night,

and meditate on Thee.

Because Thy Hand assistance brings,

Beneath the shadow of Thy Wings

my heart shall joyful be.

Psalm 63:1-7




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