In The Wilderness

8 01 2013

O, that I had wings like a dove

to fly away and be at rest.

Up then would I far, far wander

And remain in the wilderness.

Flying would hasten my escape

From this storm wind, this my tempest.

falcon flight path

Lord, hear my voice, my prayer attend,  

from earth’s remotest bound I send

my supplicating cry.

When troubles great o’erwhelm my breast,

then lead me on your Rock  to rest 

that higher is than I.

In you my soul has shelter found,

and you have been from foes around

the Tower of my defense.

My home shall your Pavilion be.

To covert of your Wings I’ll flee, 

and find deliverance.

above Red River 2

from Psalms 55 and 61.




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