Firefly Epiphany

29 11 2012

ghost willow lite

This is a flash-fiction fable excerpted from the author’s novel entitled No Shadow of Turning: A Sojourner’s Tale, which is available as an e-book at Amazon.  

Once upon a time, it was said that the Light shone in darkness, and that the darkness could not comprehend it. 

And there once came one, one so little yet so big as to be filled to overflowing with the lightning of Light, flying from daylight to darkness, from darkness to daylight.  She flew like a star hardly shooting.  She flashed like a star faint in the farthest expanse of the universe.  Yet she had the Sun’s light and right and might, and she had the Sun’s healing in her wings. 

Glowing, this one flew in.  In blackness of darkness, she flew around and came to light upon something barely gray.  Listening, she heard a dropping.  One dry dropping.  Then another.  And another something dropping dry. 

Firefly asked Willow, “Why do you weep?” 

Willow answered, “Look at me.  My branches are brittle.  My bark is bleeding.  I am broken, broken down and downcast.” 

Firefly, looking at the litter of bark and twigs below, asked, “Why, then, are you here?” 

Willow said, “Here is where I am.” 

“In this place?” Firefly asked.  “This is a cavern, a cave, a dungeon, a grave.” 

“But this is my place,” Willow insisted. 

“Your place is with the Sun,” said Firefly, “not without it.” 

Willow asked, “Nonsense!  I sense no Sun.” 

“In this, your place?  Of course not.  But you must sense the evidence of things not seen, the assurance of things foreseen.  You must see,” insisted Firefly.  “The white Sun makes the sky into seas of wind, makes the seas into mountains of clouds, and makes the clouds into fountains of water.” 

“I know nothing of seas or wind or clouds,” said Willow. 

“The Sun makes mountains like this into clouds of dust,” said Firefly.  “You do know something of dust.” 

“I know dust,” Willow agreed.  “From dust was I taken.  Dust I am.  To dust shall I return.” 

“The Sun knows dust.  There was a time when the Sun came to earth, and on one dreadful dusk He set deep into the dust,” Firefly said.  Then she added, “But then there came that one dawn that neither dust nor darkness, that neither pandemonium nor death could defeat: the Sun arose.” 

Firefly asked, “Do you know anything of water? And of the fountain of living water that can cause the flowing of rivers of living water from deep within?” 

“Within what?” Willow asked. 

“Within that which delights day and night.  There you can be planted by rivers of water, bringing forth fruit in season, and never withering.  There you can extend your roots by the stream, and have no fear when heat comes, no anxiety in time of drought.  Your leaves will be evergreen, and you will not cease to bear.” 

“But I am bare,” said Willow.  “I already do not cease being barren.”  

“So let the Sun come!” Firefly exclaimed. “The white Sun gives light, white light that becomes green growing upward and outward and onward, leaf upon leaf.  No need to be bare and barren. Ask yourself: where are your leaves?” 

“Where?” Willow asked.  “How about what? I know nothing of leaves.” 

“You can have leaves.  Leaf upon leaf, hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands.  You can, you may, you must have leaves verdant and vibrant and valiant, brilliant and jubilant and procreant.  Leaves, leaf upon leaf, high and lifted up: flying, lifting the very earth and flying high in the sky: flying in the white Sun’s light.  Flying, in the Light!” 

“I see no light!” Willow cried.  Willow wailed, “Whence?  Where?  Whither?” 

“Here,” said Firefly with that still, small voice enthusing her. 

“I know nothing of light!” Willow wept. 

And Firefly answered, “Look at me.” 


Those intrigued may wish to pursue the fable’s allusions to selected passages of the Holy Bible.  In order of appearance, they are as follows:

John 1:5-9

Malachi 4:2

Jude 12-13

Matthew 5:3-8

Matthew 11:27-30

Ecclesiastes 11:7

John 3:16-21

Hebrews 11:1-3

Genesis 3:19

Ecclesiastes 3:18-21

Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, 13-14

Ephesians 4:4-10

John 4:5-26

John 7:37-38

Isaiah  44:3-4

Isaiah 58:11

Jeremiah 2:13

Psalm 1:2-3

Jeremiah 17:7-8

John 8:12

1 Kings 19:11-13

Matthew 5:14-16




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